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Top notch, Eugene-based, web development and design

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Sterner Stuff is a digital strategy company. I develop solutions to problems in your business so you can be better at what you do. Based in Eugene, OR, I'm scalable enough to work with local small businesses and knowledgable enough to work with large, established brands.

Web Smarter, Not Harder

Stop wasting your time with workarounds and hacks. Sterner Stuff designs websites and applications that work the way you need them to and keep your business moving.

Pay for Solutions, Not Hours

You need your problems solved, not my hours clocked, so Sterner Stuff focuses on your goals instead of logging time. Unload your frustrations and reach new markets, boost your SEO, and build time-saving, profit-boosting websites and applications.

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Fear of Abandonment?

Stop working with web companies that take your money and ghost you. Stop getting into relationships with people who don't care as much as you do. Discover why it's better with Sterner Stuff.