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Cloud-Based Software Development & WordPress Websites

From Sterner Stuff Design

Custom cloud-based software

  • Perfect for on-the-go teams like contractors and distributors
  • Smarty-pants business intelligence dashboards
  • Got two programs? Let's make it one.
  • Automate dumb stuff you hate
  • Access it from anywhere with the power of the interwebs
Start Building Your Perfect Platform

WordPress: Custom, enterprise

WordPress Websites and Customization

WordPress powers over 30% of the internet. Contrary to popular belief, it's not uniquely hackable. It's not just for small businesses. It's actually a great content management system for enterprise businesses. That's why Sterner Stuff loves and supports it.

Check out our WordPress packages below

Level 1: Free or Nearly-Free

WordPress For Small Business Course

It's free and easy. Learn the little things you can do to make your WordPress website better, all by yourself. Have questions in the middle of it? Reply to a lesson and ask. Learn more or just sign up for this free course.

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Worry-Free Updates and Maintenance

Hosting, security, updates and more. That work is insured. Plus a little Sterner Stuff time each month. A great way to get to know us and learn how we work.

Starts At $112/mo

Free Weekly Newsletter

Covers the intersection of digital and business. Free, so you have literally no reason not to sign up.

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Level 2: "My Website Isn't Helping My Business"

You have a WordPress website, but it feels like a huge waste of money. It happens. Some shops churn-and-burn through websites, shipping them overseas, with no understanding of your business, your problems, or your goals.

With Sterner Stuff, we'll set goals, take measurements, and reset your website to be a boon to your business. It's called Stenrer Stuff Insights.

Kick Off Insights

Level 3: "I Need a New Website!"

Ready to dive right in, eh? You:

  • Don't have a website
  • Don't have a mobile-friendly website
  • Hate your Wix, Squarespace, or GoDaddy Site Builder site
  • Have a great new project in mind

Starting with a clean slate is a great opportunity for us to lay the groundwork that so often gets missed right off the bat.

Start a Full Website Project

WordPress Websites Get Hacked

WordPress and its plugins receive security updates all the time. If you don't update your site, you risk it going down, and it'll take all the business it brings in with it.

For just $112 a month, I'll keep your site safe from bad guys. While I'm at it, I'll make it lickity-split fast and hook you up with an SSL. Get started now!

Why Sterner Stuff?

Local and agile service, right here in Eugene

You don’t get my dev, you don’t get my receptionist, and you don’t get a support team across the ocean. You get me, every time.

Being small allows Sterner Stuff to respond quickly to your needs, experiment with new technologies, and provide personalized service. Take control of your business, and let me worry about your website.

Cloud-based software development, tailored to you

Scaling without becoming more efficient means expensive hiring sprees. Sterner Stuff will help you automate everything you can.

Efficiency. Intelligence. Dashboards. Databases. A custom software solution from Sterner Stuff is the only option for companies scaling up.

Standards-compliant WordPress theme and plugin customization

I’m recommended by the people who make the plugins. There’s a right way and a wrong way to customize WordPress. I’ll let you guess which way I’m doing it.

Well-done WordPress customization means ensuring backwards-compatibility when you hit the update button. Hear that? That’s a mouse click with confidence.

Long-term support plans

I want to hear from you. Often. My worry-free support plan means your site is always updated and secure, and includes some time each month for those one-off tasks no one wants to start the clock for.

Sterner Stuff Design is a joy to work with. Ethan is professional, incredibly expedient, and a great dev on top of all that! Over the course of a month, he helped develop several modules, troubleshoot bugs, and even muck around in the weeds with really small details to make the site more efficient and standards-compliant. Can't recommend Sterner Stuff Design enough!
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