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Case Study: Selling Out in Five Days

User interface was a sore spot for the Oregon Truffle Festival, both on the front and back ends of their WordPress site. Sterner Stuff helped them sell out.
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Case Study: Aligning Oregon Floor Safety with Its Target Audiences

Oregon Floor Safety had some concerns about making sure their website advertised their strengths and was set up to rank well in search engines. Sterner Stuff hopped in to make SEO improvements, prioritize important information, and of course, make sure all plugins and themes were up to date.
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Case Study: Making BeerPilgrimage Work for Mobile

Version one of beerPilgrimage was a fine proof of concept, but great feedback led to huge improvements in mobile interface and overall usability in version two.
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Case Study: Pinch Hitting with Field to Market

Small projects often lay the bedrock for more substantial relationships, and Field to Market was no exception. Read how I helped another designer in a pinch on a variety of complex tasks.
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Case Study: Simplifying Ticket Sales for IHHPA

The Iowa Hawkeye Horseshoe Pitchers Association needed a modern website. Sterner Stuff Design created an engaging experience that's paying dividends.
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