WordPress Tune-Up

Much like your car, your website occasionally needs a tune-up. This service is designed specifically for WordPress websites, and gets a bit more complicated for other sorts of projects (but don’t be afraid to ask!). It’s available as a one-off service, is required if you want to host with me, and is step one for many of my new clients. I’ll hop into your website and do a best-practice assessment for some easy wins.

Your WordPress tune-up includes:

  • Eliminate hacking opportunities by making sure all plugins are updated and maintained and removing unused ones
  • Providing you peace of mind by ensuring backups are configured
  • Solidifying your brand by adding a favicon
  • Proividing access to valuable website search and usage statistics by setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Ensuring Google is crawling your website by submitting it for indexing
  • Speeding up your site by configuring caching
  • Cutting down on spam opportunities by correctly configuring comments
  • Making sure your URLs are pretty
  • Speeding up your site by configuring automated image optimization

All that for $350. If I find (or you already know) your website has been hacked, no worries! For an extra $200, I’ll restore WordPress and your plugins from source and scrub your themes and uploads clean. You can’t put a price on peace of mind, so I did it for you.

I think my site needs more than a tune-up…

Get your WordPress tune-up today!

If you have no idea what you need and are looking for some guidance, or think your project might need an overhaul, let’s try a free consultation. We can discuss broad frustrations in your business and how to address them.

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